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Founded in 2019, the YOXY production line has more than 500 qualified and experienced workers,and the YOXY sales team continues to grow over the years. We are growing into a high end vape brand in the global e-cigarette industry. Listening to the needs of smokers and we are committed to producing electronic cigarette products with lower price and less harm. We have wide range of products including refillable pods,  vape kits, vape accessories.






More profits: Purchase the products with a price lower than the market’s.


Strict delivery: Products will be delivered on time. What’s more, YOXY’s own products will be sorted as priority when processing the orders.


 Online materials: The YOXY marketing team will provide you with product posters, review videos, local celebrity promotion, and effective customer interaction.


Related peripheral products: Brochure, poster, lanyard, bag, hat, cloth, etc. Check YOXY POSM List for more details.


Decoration design: Tailor-made shop decoration, come and join our VIP distributor club!


Strict Price System: Traceable source code system, professional price control specialists and perfect price system to provide a guarantee to avoid vicious competition.


Professional: Complete and clear sales speech, detailed product introduction, salesman guidance could quickly manage daily professional sales work.

Professional Team

YOXY has a 5000㎡ factory area which is “100,000 world-class” dust-free, in line with international requirements and certified to ISO 9001.14001. All product-related materials, including independent warehouses, are stored and managed under constant temperature and humidity condition. The environment meets international standards. More than 500 qualified and experienced workers are dedicated to making exquisite products. Factory productivity can reach 200,000 pieces vape kits and 200,000 pieces pods per day.

Sales and Marketing
Over 40 sales and marketing elites serve more than 300 e-cigarette customers worldwide, covering more than 35 countries. Our YOXY sales team keeps expanding and growing.

YOXY has over 40 engineers, owning more than 5 years of working experience in the e-cigarettes industry. Our Laboratory is equipped with professional and advanced testing instruments, including Electric Capacity Test, Draw Resistance Test, Pressure Test, Temperature and Humidity Test, Salt Spray Test, Drop Test, Vibration Test, Quadratic image Test and so on. We have formed a complete and effective laboratory quality management system of ISO.

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Production Line

Product Lab

Product Testing


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